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Blue Aerosol

Blue Aerosol

Blue Aerosol

Blue Aerosol is new Development in the Word of Concrete in Which Cement is 40 to 50%

Replace by Pozzolanic Material Like Fly-ash or GGBS and Active by Blue Aerosol Gel Solution to Act as a Binder in the Concrete Mix.

For the Selection of Suitable Ingredients of Blue Aerosol Gel Concrete to Achieve desire strength at Required Workability.В 


  • It reduces porosity.
  • Gives desired strength with correct mixture ratio.
  • Reduces the loss of strength due to heat of Hydration of Cement.
  • BLUE AEROSOL is non-Toxic, less Hazardous.
  • BLUE AEROSOL react with Fly- Ash to make GEL process like as Cement.
  • BLUE AEROSOL reduces the Water permeability self-healing cracks.
  • BLUE AEROSOL reduces the LOSS of Density of Concrete.
  • Within 30 minutes, takes 70 kg joint load With Cement Mortar.
  • It works well for Crack fillings.
  • With fly - ash It reduces room temperature.
  • Prevents the Sulfur Attack in Concrete.
  • BLUE AEROSOL also reacts with steel to reduce the corrosion.

BLUE AEROSOL is new technology with GEL making, it save Environment.

And reduce the Carbon Emissions.

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